Eric S. Zeemering

Eric Zeemering is an associate professor and studies collaborative governance in cities and local governments. His new book Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities: Economy, Environment and Community in Baltimore investigates how sustainability is defined in Baltimore and how nongovernmental organizations contribute to the implementation of sustainability initiatives in the city. His recent research investigates the adoption, oversight and termination of municipal service sharing agreements for police and fire services by city governments in California. He has received funding from the Canadian government to analyze intergovernmental coordination on sustainability efforts by local governments across the border between the U.S. and Canada. During the winter semester of 2014, he was fulbright visiting research chair in Governance and Public Administration at the University of Ottawa. Zeemering’s interest in local government led to his elected service on the city council in Rockford, Michigan (1999-2001), and appointed service on the Kent County Housing Commission (2003-2006) and the Daly City Parks and Recreation Commission (2009-2011). He received his Ph.D. in political science from Indiana University in 2007 and his B.A. in political science from Aquinas College in 2001.

Areas of Expertise

  • City management
  • Intergovernmental relations
  • Collaborative governance

Selected Publications

Zeemering, Eric S. 2014. Collaborative strategies for sustainable cities: Economy, environment and community in Baltimore. New York: Routledge.

Zeemering, Eric. 2016. Assessing local elected officials’ concerns about interlocal agreements. Urban Studies 53 (11): 2347-2362.

Zeemering, Eric S. 2016. What are the challenges of multilevel governance for urban sustainability? Evidence from Ottawa and Canada’s national capital region. Canadian Public Administration 59 (2): 204-223.

Hyde, Albert C., and Eric S. Zeemering. 2016. Overpaid? Public service delivery and city manager compensation in California. Public Personnel Management 45 (2): 190-212.

Eric S. Zeemering

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Ph.D., Indiana University

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