Liangfu Wu

Liangfu Wu came to this country from China in 1987. He earned an M.P.A. degree at Iowa State University. He later developed interests in information technology and its application in local government. His interests in computer technology led him to focus his doctoral study at NIU on the management of local government information systems. Wu is also a long-time public servant: he served as director of the Department of Information Technology for the Village of Downers Grove, Ill. for 20 years until his retirement in October of 2014.

Wu also teaches a core graduate course for the Department of Public Administration at NIU. He has a number of research papers published in the U.S. and China on management of IT in the public sector.

In recent years, Wu published eight books in Chinese and English including his autobiography which was once on a regional 10-top best selling list in China. The subject of his last book, published in 2009, is about American local government. This book immediately became a popular supplement reading for Chinese college students studying American local government.

Liangfu Wu

Adjunct Professor


Ph.D., Northern Illinois University

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